Judith's Gallery

On a rainy day many years ago I wandered into an art gallery in Bath where I saw an old painting of a canal in Venice.  Just looking at the picture I could smell the water and hear the sounds of the city.  I wanted to paint like that!!!

I realise now that only truly exceptional artists have that “something” which affects the viewer.  Although not in that league it hasn’t stopped me enjoying the whole picture making process and whilst I find painting often frustrating I have found a passion for drawing.

I have over the years attended workshop, evening classes and done various courses, but a search for a more structured course in drawing lead me several years ago to Angela and the classes in Woolavington with her much appreciated and invaluable teaching and encouragement. 

I love to draw anything and everything and use graphite, pen, pastel pencil, coloured pencil and water-soluble crayons.  Each new subject brings new insights and challenges.  I am still searching for that elusive “something” but hope you will enjoy looking at my efforts so far.....

If you have a question for me then please send it to.... judith@studiowoolavingtonartgroup.co.uk