Marion's Gallery
A little bit about me and my work .......

I started painting in school when I was in my teens and my art teacher encouraged me to apply for Art College which I was surprised on being accepted. I studied window dressing then went on to study exhibition design but after my third year there I realised that design wasn’t ‘my thing’ and left.  Several years passed before I found I had time on my hands after taking early retirement.  My friend Wendy suggested that I got back into painting and join Angela's art group.  I didn’t do very at first and was way out of practice of painting, but soon got into the swing of things and I am now finding that I love to experiment with different techniques and using the different mediums available.

I work in mainly acrylics or oils as I find these mediums suit my style of working and I will select the medium to work with for each piece depending on the effect I want to achieve. 
Sometimes if I enjoy the subject I will experiment and will paint it not once but twice and on the odd occasion three times before I am satisfied.

One of the mediums that I tend to use for sketching is watercolour pencils with its versatile uses.  So much so, that I now run the occasional workshop with the support of Angela.

I feel that my style is finally coming forth as I progress through the different subjects that we cover in the group and it will be a long time before I intend to give up my ‘therapy sessions'.

My other interests include stone carving which is of course a totally different way of interpreting my ideas.  I usually work in Portland stone which can have some very challenging textures.  I also enjoy wood prints where a design is carved into wood then a print is taken of the carving.  I love the effect that the wood grain can bring into the print which I try to take advantage of in the planning stages of the carving.

Please browse through my gallery and I hope you enjoy it.

If you have a question for me then please send it to.... marion@studiowoolavingtonartgroup.co.uk