Tess's Gallery

There was a paint box in my case on family bucket and spade holidays which were in North Wales either in Borth-y Guest or Abersoch, so works of art, well I thought they were  - accumulated, then were thrown away by our imperious Welsh nanny. 

In my teens I spent many happy hours in the art room at school, with an inspiring woman and she  persuaded me to try for the Slade and St Martins schools of art when I was sixteen.  When my father collected my work he said that there were rather unusual people at both.  Instead I was persuaded to complete a year at our local art school in Watford. This I loved, I learnt to draw and very much enjoyed Lithography there.  My parents said that I was not going to be Picasso and my parents quite rightly wanted me to earn my own living, so off to secretarial college I went.  I loathed it.  But I must admit it has in handy with computer work as I can touch type.

After marrying and four boys later, life became calmer as they grew up and left home and Angela, our wonderful tutor, came into my life as she has with others in our group.  Over the years she has encouraged and taught us to experiment in many media.  We all love our time at Woolavington, it has become essential to us all.

If you have a question for me then please send it to.... tess@studiowoolavingtonartgroup.co.uk