Wendy's Gallery
At the end of my first year at secondary school, the art mistress told me, very firmly, don't bother, give up.  I did.  I always regretted that I couldn't produce beautiful watercolours of the wild flowers, birds and plants that fascinate me.  I had faith in the art teacher and never attempted any form of art.

However, reaching a certain age and with more time on my hands, I at last rebelled and joined an art group, the Woolavington Art Group.  Despite my struggles and protests and loud complaints almost driving the other members away, our gallant tutor persevered.

She dragged me through the challenges of water colours, acrylics and oils until I eventually found peace (for all concerned) in using water colour pencils, and have now discovered the joy of creating images by making little marks.

This has overflowed into my two other passions, woodcuts and stone carving.  I now have no time on my hands but I hope you have enough to browse through my gallery.

If you have a question for me then please send it to.... wendy@studiowoolavingtonartgroup.co.uk